Seo services are up 2 per cent, including surge in data deals

Seo is also seeing a surge in its data deals, as the company works to increase its business in new markets.

The company said the latest figures on its website showed that its revenue for the first six months of the year jumped by 1 per cent to 1.2 billion yen ($150.6 million).

That was driven by a 4 per cent increase in data usage, which was driven in part by its increased presence in the United States, the company said.

Data deals have become an increasingly popular way to get around the government’s restrictions on foreign data.

In January, the government announced that foreign companies had until December 31 to transfer personal data from third-party companies to Seo.

But the move was met with opposition from privacy campaigners who claimed the restrictions could have a chilling effect on digital speech.

Earlier this month, the Japanese government also scrapped its own restrictions on overseas data transfers.

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