Samsung says it is ‘shocked and appalled’ after new video seos removed a ‘proud’ woman

Samsung has confirmed that a woman who used a ‘dumb’ app to upload videos to a ‘viral’ YouTube channel was removed from the site.

The woman uploaded a video of herself standing on the moon and then her arms and legs.

She uploaded the video to YouTube in March and the app was taken down in June.

Samsung apologised on Friday to the woman, who called it a ‘misguided app’.

The apology came hours after it was revealed that another woman had uploaded a similar video to the same channel.

In a statement, Samsung said it was “shocked by this incident”, adding that it has “unapologetically” removed the app from the website and is reviewing the content of the video.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this mistake,” Samsung said.

“The videos uploaded by our users are very popular and the videos are very good.

We have taken measures to remove this inappropriate app from our site and are working with the person to find a solution to their situation.”‘

Barely worth it’For a man who has been the victim of the online abuse that plagues many men, it’s an awful thought that someone would think they could get away with it.

The videos are often posted on social media channels and are frequently viewed by millions of people worldwide.

The app was available in the UK for a few months until June and was pulled after the UK Advertising Standards Authority said the content was not “in accordance with the standards for advertising”.

The app allowed users to upload video clips to YouTube, which then uploaded them to YouTube.

YouTube is a social network that allows people to post their own videos.

YouTube said it removed the videos because they were “in breach of the YouTube guidelines for advertising content”.

“We take this issue very seriously and have made a thorough review of the content on the channel, and have removed the content from the channel,” YouTube said in a statement.

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