New Delhi, Gujarat: A new model to make India’s water-use more sustainable

Experts say a model to improve water-related efficiency could lead to a much more cost-effective solution.

Experts say a new model would enable the government to use its water for a wider range of services like electricity generation, food production, cleaning, sewage disposal, waste management and other uses. 

The experts say it is crucial to ensure that the model is effective in ensuring water supply quality and quantity, while making the water available to people.

They also believe it is important to develop a new water market, one that is not dependent on foreign water suppliers, as the existing one is, in order to ensure water availability and security.

The expert panel, comprising water experts from government, private companies and universities, will be meeting in New Delhi on November 3-4 to review the Indian Water Supply Model. 

Experts say it would help in designing a new system that would meet the needs of rural and urban communities and would be less reliant on foreign suppliers.

The panel will also review the water management model and the management of rivers and lakes. 

According to the experts, a model could be developed to provide water security for households.

It could also enable government agencies to take water for other uses, such as agriculture, tourism and other activities.

Experts said it is also important to ensure availability of water for industries, businesses and the public, while ensuring adequate use of the water for social purposes. 

Water management experts from the Water Resources Institute of India and the Centre for Science and Environment are also expected to attend the meeting. 

Sources in the government told the NDTV news channel that a model of a separate water market for rural and cities is also being considered.

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