How will the internet help save the people who need it?

A new technology is making life easier for thousands of people who are suffering with chronic disease and other illnesses, including cancer.

It’s called “digital health”.

It’s like a mobile app for those living with chronic illnesses, with a virtual doctor and online access to online support groups.

It allows them to access their GP, have their blood pressure checked, and see how their health is improving.

“They’re not the usual people in the community who can get access to a digital health provider,” Professor Paul Farrar, an associate professor of biomedical engineering and bioengineering at Cambridge University, told the ABC.

The technology is called “seo”.

It helps patients, too, by enabling them to see if their health problems are improving.

The digital health platform is called Seo Sem, and it has a “mobile app”, but it is also a “digital physician”.

“It can connect you to a doctor that’s trained in the use of seo and have you a physical visit,” Professor Farrard said.

Professor Farrark said the system is currently being tested in Australia.

“There’s a pilot that we’re in that’s looking at a number of people in Victoria, and the idea is to look at it in Australia as well,” he said.

“If we can show that it works, we’ll be able to bring it into Australia and use it in our practice.”

Professor Farar said the technology was also being used by the National Health and Medical Research Council, which is working with a number people with chronic conditions.

“It’s a very robust platform that has been developed by the Department of Health,” he explained.

“In fact, there’s a number companies that are developing it, which are the ones that we know about.”

Professor Robert Wood, a biopharmaceutical engineer at the University of New South Wales, said there are “a number of other approaches” to the digital health issue, but he was particularly impressed with Seo’s ability to make a difference.

“What Seo has done is provide a service that is very cost effective for people to access,” he told the news outlet.

“The fact that they are also providing digital health services through their service providers that they’re going to use to provide a virtual reality experience is very impressive.”

He said this could be the “next big thing” for the digital healthcare industry.

“This is a very promising technology for a lot of people,” he added.


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