‘The only way’ to fight Ebola outbreak in Ireland is with vaccine – RTE

Seo is the UK-based provider of Ebola vaccine.

It has recently been approached by the Irish government to develop a vaccine that could be deployed within three months of the first cases being confirmed.

Seo has already been in talks with the Department of Health about its vaccine, which would include a small dose of the Ebola virus vaccine and be distributed to health workers in the coming weeks.

The vaccine would not contain the Ebola proteins found in Ebola.

The Government is looking to vaccinate as many people as possible and is not expected to use the Ebola vaccine until it is tested on healthy volunteers.

The Department of Public Health said it was in discussions with Seo on developing the vaccine and the company was in contact with officials from the Irish Government, which is overseeing its development.

The department said it would be providing a range of support for the vaccine, including advice and technical assistance.

Seotapro has received funding from the UK Government’s National Institute for Health Research (NIRR), which has been involved in the development of other Ebola vaccines.

The company also received support from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research programme.

The NIRR has also been involved with developing a vaccine for the Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone.

In January, it was awarded a €1.8 million contract to develop an Ebola vaccine for use in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

In September, it received a €3.3 million contract from the EU’s Horizon2020 programme to develop the first vaccine in Sierra Leoneso, Sierra Leone, to be used by health workers and those at risk.

The EMA is expected to award another €2 million in funding for a second phase of the research programme in October.

Seolafirm, which has developed a Ebola vaccine, has been working with the EMA to develop its vaccine for Sierra Leone and Guinea, as well as the Ebola vaccines developed by others.

The two vaccines are also currently being developed for use by health care workers in Sierra leoneso.

The National Institute of Public health, the department responsible for Ebola research, said the Government had given it permission to develop and test the Ebola-related vaccine in collaboration with Seolafein.

Seoin said the company would be in contact over the next two weeks with officials in the Department and Health about the plan.

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