When will the next major hurricane hit Alaska?

Anchorage, Alaska — The weather is looking very good for Anchorage, a city that has been battered by hurricanes in the past and which has endured multiple major storms and tornadoes in the last three decades.

The National Weather Service says Anchorage will get a relatively mild winter and the chance of more storms in the coming days, with the chance for the next tropical storm to form Monday.

There are also reports of showers on Monday morning.

Alaska is home to the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, which has been under threat due to a series of earthquakes and other disasters that have been blamed on climate change.

In January, the National Weather Services issued a tornado warning for the Anchorage area, with a potential tornado warning up for the weekend.

With the threat of a tropical storm developing, the Anchorage City Council decided to put out a request for help in the form of a tornado watch.

Residents were advised to stay inside and avoid windows, especially if they were indoors with the windows closed.

On Monday morning, Anchorage Mayor Brian Young said he expected more severe weather in the region on Monday, and the mayor said he expects a lot of damage from the storm.

“I do believe that the weather conditions will get better, and that the storms will be more severe,” Young said.

He said there is an increase in the number of storms that have hit the Anchorage region in the years that he has been mayor, but he said he thinks Anchorage will be able to handle the storm well.

If there are any severe storms, Anchorage has been put under a Tornado Watch until further notice, the city said.

“We are going to continue to watch the weather, and we will continue to make sure that our residents are protected,” Young told reporters on Monday.

“If there is any severe storm that hits, we will respond accordingly.

We are going with our best resources.”

Alaska has suffered numerous tornadoes and hurricanes since the 1960s, but this year is different.

The storms have been so intense that the National Hurricane Center says it could be the most powerful hurricane on record, with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph.

Although the winds are not as powerful as the ones we saw in May, the storms have the potential to produce significant damage to buildings and damage to homes.

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