Tuckerman’s “Taco” is now available on iOS and Android app, says EA

With the release of EA’s “Grand Theft Auto V,” developer Rockstar Games has released its latest addition to its popular open-world sandbox franchise.

While the game itself has a very different look and feel than its predecessor, its new menu and user interface are a welcome departure from the series’ classic roots.

The “Tuckerman” menu that lets you unlock your car will be found in “The Lost & Found” and “Tucson,” two of the game’s main missions.

The game will be available for free on iOS, and for free and in the “Grandest Hits” and Grandest Hits Collection, downloadable content packs for the game.

The latter offers a handful of cars to unlock for the first time.

Tuckman, as he’s known in the series, is an all-new character that is a major part of the story of “Grand Escort.”

Like the original, Tuckman has to navigate a series of obstacles in order to find and rescue his buddies.

The new Tuckmer has a similar mechanic, with you unlocking different items that help him along his way.

Tuckederman’s first mission begins when you’re driving down the freeway on your way to a police station, and it’s up to him to get to the station before the cops arrive.TUCKMAN’S FIRST STAGE OF THE MISSIONS As soon as you arrive at the police station and pick up the keys, you’re greeted by a message from the man on the other side of the door.

You can pick up his phone and listen to the conversation.

It’s all a bit cryptic at first, but it’s clear that Tuckmann has been looking for his friends, which has led him to the police department.TUGGEDON’S “CITY OF THE PUPPET” As you approach the police building, you’ll see Tuck in the street outside, where he’ll have to make his way through a series and obstacles.

The environment has been changed a bit to make it look more like a real-world city, but the majority of the gameplay remains the same.

You’ll be able to pick up weapons like pistols and rifles, and will be able use them to take out enemies.TUFTS NEW LANDINGS Tuckederman will also be able explore his own “City of the Petpet,” a large city that he’s been forced to live in.

The town will have its own police force, as well as a few other locations.TUESDAY’S SPECIAL EDITION GAMEPLAY As a reward for completing the game, Tuckedmann can purchase the “Tucker” special edition, which includes a bonus vehicle, additional missions and a new theme song.

The Tucker is a customized version of the original Tuck, and has a special mechanic that lets him unlock additional items.

Tucked will also find a variety of new vehicles, weapons and perks throughout his journey.

Tucker’s special edition is currently available for purchase on the App Store for $7.99.

You won’t be able a full copy of the Tuckmobile until April 10, but if you’re interested, you can buy a TuckMobile Edition from the Appstore for $10.99 for a limited time.

You can find more GTAV news, reviews, trailers, and more from IGN’s GTAV forum and IGN First, a new series of articles showcasing new content coming to Grand Theft Auto games.

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