How do you know if you are being swindled?

The Australian Financial Commission (AFCC) is investigating how to protect consumers from fraudsters.

The commission announced a series of measures yesterday to help businesses protect against the threat of swindlers and scammers, but the measures don’t necessarily stop all frauds.

You can’t stop a thief from swindling a customerThe commission said it will introduce new tools to help financial institutions and consumers identify and protect themselves from scammers.

“You can only stop a theft if you can identify the thief and prosecute the thief,” the ACCC said in a statement.

For the time being, you can: “investigate whether you or someone else is the rightful owner of a property” by examining the property.

Identify potential liens against property and its value by asking for information on bank accounts.

Use an independent assessor to look at a potential property.

“If you are unsure whether a property is yours, you may contact the owner to obtain details about the owner’s bank account.”

If a property owner doesn’t have the information, the ACCCs watchdog will “proactively investigate” any liens on the property, it said.

It said it would “engage in further dialogue” with property owners.

The new measures include: If a financial institution or financial institution’s customers lose a deposit due to a fraud, it will “investigate the circumstances of the loss” and “seek to obtain the information necessary to determine the rightful owners of the property”.

The commission also said it was reviewing its existing consumer protection rules to make them more effective, including how they are enforced.

The ACCC announced the measures after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) issued an urgent warning that it was being inundated with reports of scammy activity from Australian consumers.

In the latest case, the ABC reported that the ACCAC had received more than 40 calls from concerned customers who had been duped into thinking they had purchased a property they never did.

The ABC also revealed that the bank’s website has been hacked.

“The ACCAC’s recent investigations have been extensive and involve a number of individuals and organisations,” the regulator said.

It said a number companies have also been targeted by scammers who had created fake websites and email addresses to impersonate customers.

In some cases, customers have been forced to close accounts to get the money back.

The watchdog said the ACC has had a number people who were not involved in the scam and the bank has a long-standing code of conduct that it adhered to.

“These are significant breaches of the trust that consumers place in financial institutions, so it is important that the Australian Financial Sector and its employees take immediate steps to strengthen its internal processes and ensure the safety of consumers,” it said in its statement.

“We also want to make it clear that our ongoing investigations will continue until all relevant people are held accountable for these breaches.”

The ACCCC is now investigating whether it should issue a warning to businesses that could face financial penalties if they are found to have been involved in a scam.

The regulator is also considering whether to require financial institutions to ensure that customers who want to cancel or withdraw money can do so online.

“It is also important to consider whether there is sufficient information to identify who the fraudster is and how they would gain access to financial institutions’ accounts,” the watchdog said.

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