Why ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden is a good example for tech companies to emulate

A former NSA contractor is using his experience in a high-profile security breach to inspire other companies to adopt security measures.

In a video message, the former NSA subcontractor, John McAfee, said that a recent breach of the firm’s network led to the theft of personal data and information of hundreds of millions of users.

McAfee said he used the breach to demonstrate the value of security in the digital age, saying that while many companies have invested in cyber-security, a recent security breach has shown that companies can benefit from a more proactive approach.

He said the company he was working for at the time was vulnerable to a malicious exploit that compromised its systems.

McIlaf was the subject of a 2013 National Security Agency report after the firm had its servers compromised in 2014.

The company said in a statement that it had “recently” patched the security holes in its network and that McAfee would be a valuable asset for the company.

McIaf has not spoken publicly since the incident.

His defense is that he is not a criminal, that the company was not responsible for the breach and that it is not yet clear if it will be able to recover the personal information of its employees.

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