Liverpool Seo Services, a London-based seo service, is suing a former employee over her alleged sexual harassment

In the first legal action against an employee for alleged sexual misconduct, a Liverpool seo company has launched a class-action suit against a former customer service agent.

In the complaint, the woman alleges that Seo services Ltd, a UK-based company, terminated her in 2013, claiming she had been sexually harassed by another customer service representative.

In her lawsuit, the unidentified woman alleges:She was a customer service manager for Liverpool Seos, a company based in London, for five years, she claims, from July 2014 to March 2015, she was sexually harassed and subjected to unwanted sexual advances by the former employee.

The woman was terminated for misconduct against the former manager.

She says that she felt pressured into withdrawing from her relationship with the former company and that she was “forced to sign a contract that made her unable to pursue her career”.

The woman claims that she has been harassed by the individual in the suit since her termination and that her employer has also pressured her to sign the contract that she did not sign, and that this has also resulted in her termination.

In October 2015, Seo was sued by another employee in relation to sexual harassment allegations, and the company has now launched a similar lawsuit against a woman who worked for the same company, who is seeking compensation.

According to the complaint by the woman, the former seo employee started a relationship with her in August 2016, and she was not given a reason for her separation from the company.

In July 2017, the Seo company terminated the former customer services agent for violating company policies and procedures, claiming that the employee had violated company policies by contacting the complainant on the internet.

In response, the complainant sent a complaint to the Seomedia, a digital advertising platform, claiming her termination was caused by her inappropriate relationship with Seo.

According the complaint the Seolamedia contacted the woman and asked for her contact details, which were later used to contact the woman.

In June 2018, the company launched an investigation into the complaint.

Seo services has not responded to the claims.

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