What do the teams say about the Selecciones?

FC Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid are the latest names to sign the first-team players for their respective clubs this summer.

The rest of the squads are being managed by different companies in different countries.

The first-time arrivals have been put through the usual pre-season drills, which have already been done in a number of European countries.

They will be put through more intense training sessions in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey.

The new players are mostly from Italy, and some from Spain and France, although there are also a few from Croatia and Portugal.

They are part of the “new generation” of players who have arrived at the club, after a period of recruitment by the Catalan government.

The aim of the new signings is to help the squad maintain its quality.

In terms of playing style, the new recruits have a more direct style of play, and will hopefully bring the club closer to its goals.

Here are the first team players who are to be announced for their first season with the club:The first team will start training with their new coaches and staff on June 6, at the Ciutat de Aragon stadium.

The first game of the season will be the first match of the 2018/19 season against Levante on June 13, with the rest of their matches scheduled for June 14 and 16.

The rest of this article will be updated.

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