Banned from blogging services in Malaysia

Banned by authorities from blogging, Singaporean blogger Lee Boon said his ban has left him isolated in the country.

Lee, 28, who has written for several publications including The Straits Times, The Age and The Star, said he was initially banned from blogging after being identified as an extremist on a Facebook page in January this year.

He said he did not know why his account had been blocked, but that he felt it was unfair to his family and friends.

“They have nothing to do with me.

They are not responsible for my work.

I am not their boss, they don’t know what I do,” Lee said.”

I feel like it is not right.

I feel like the authorities are going to keep banning people because they have an axe to grind.”

He said his decision to remain anonymous had become a form of intimidation, but said he would continue to blog.

“People are not going to think twice before reporting me.

There are a lot of things that could be done to me that I can’t even imagine,” he said.

The ban came after Lee was identified on social media as an “extremist” who was “engaged in criminal activity”.

The Singaporean has written posts about Singapore’s Islamic community, including comments on how women should cover their hair.

His posts have also been linked to a number of extremist groups.

He had previously received an email warning that he was in violation of Singapore’s cybercrime law and that he could face up to five years in jail for “inciting others to commit criminal acts”.

Mr Lee said the government was “trying to control what people do online”.

“They are trying to use my online presence to spread propaganda, to indoctrinate young people,” he told the BBC.

“If I write something online, then people will know that it is coming from a politician or a politician’s office.”

The authorities are also using this to get rid of people who do not support them, or they are perceived as being against the government.

“Mr Lee’s mother, who did not wish to be named, said her son was still struggling to comprehend what was happening.”

We are so confused because he has been told this is a free speech zone, but this is not a free space,” she said.

She said her eldest son was the first in his family to go to university.”

He is now going to go back to school, and he is going to study law and then he is also going to be a lawyer,” she added.

Mr Lee has been on a “tour of duty” in Malaysia, but he said he had not yet returned to his home country.”

My family is very supportive.

I have not heard from them since I was banned, so I don’t think they have any contact with me,” he added.

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