The Best and Worst of Donald Trump’s First 100 Days

By Ryan Reilly Editor & PublisherPublished December 04, 2017 12:21:23The Republican Party has nominated its most powerful candidate yet for president, and he has already done something that no Republican candidate in the past 20 years has done: He’s broken with his party’s long-held view of the country’s founders.

Donald Trump has a new slogan: Make America Great Again.

His campaign slogan: “Make America Safe Again.”

It’s a brand that’s become part of the Republican brand, a rallying cry that draws millions of Americans who are angry about how they feel about the country and want to do something about it.

Trump, who is running as the nominee of the Reform Party, says his slogan reflects his desire to “make America great again.”

His running mate, Gov.

Mike Pence, is a leading advocate for the Reform party brand.

It’s an ideology that’s built around the idea that America is in decline and needs to be reinvigorated.

This slogan, which he has used repeatedly on the campaign trail, was inspired by the slogan of the first Reform Party candidate, Benjamin Franklin, who served as vice president under Abraham Lincoln.

Franklin wrote in The Federalist Papers that the Founders “would have thought it a matter of some importance to make America great once more.”

But Franklin’s ideas were more about getting out of the way than making things better.

Franklin thought America was headed toward disaster.

He believed the federal government should focus on helping people instead of on building walls.

Franklin said that in the end the government should “protect the liberties of the people, and not the rights of the few.”

The Reform Party brand has been used as a rallying flag for Trump’s campaign and, for many, its slogan is the epitome of the party’s message that it wants to protect people from government intrusion into their lives.

Trump has repeatedly said the United States needs to “bring back our country,” but he has never supported making the government force citizens to accept certain types of medical treatments or adopt certain kinds of policies.

Trump is also a frequent critic of the federal budget.

The Reform Party is not in favor of making cuts to the federal safety net, which is an important pillar of the welfare state.

And the party is opposed to making Medicare and Medicaid larger.

The Reform party has traditionally opposed tax cuts, but it has been the primary beneficiary of the cuts.

In 2016, Trump said he would make a “massive tax cut” for the wealthy and he is proposing to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy by 20%.

It’s a proposal that would hurt many middle class Americans, who rely on social security and food stamps to make ends meet.

The Republican establishment has also endorsed the slogan, despite their disapproval of Trump.

They are in line with Trump, who wants to eliminate the Department of Labor, which they say is unnecessary and burdensome.

The Labor Department is a federal agency that regulates labor unions and is meant to protect workers from workplace injuries and illnesses.

The Labor Department’s budget is also under increasing scrutiny, with the Trump administration asking Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024.

The wage has remained relatively stable since 2008, at $7.25 per hour.

Trump has also been vocal about his opposition to the minimum wage, arguing that it would make American workers more dependent on government welfare.

The Trump administration has said the minimum-wage increase would help Americans to earn more money, but that’s not what the Reform GOP wants.

The slogan “Make American Great Again” has become a rallying point for Trump, as the Republican Party is trying to turn out white working-class voters who have traditionally supported Democrats.

Trump is also tapping into fears about crime and terrorism that are a central part of his message.

The slogan “make crime and the border secure,” for instance, is an attempt to appeal to white working class voters.

Trump’s rhetoric on crime and immigration is part of a broader narrative of the nation’s decline.

Trump says that “criminal aliens” are a major threat to the country, which has caused the nation to lose the jobs and economic power of the last 50 years.

The country has also lost its standing in the world, he says.

In the past, the GOP has used the slogan “America first,” which is a slogan that is used by the United Kingdom and Canada.

But that approach has been criticized by many Republicans, including some Reform party members, who argue that it is an unnecessary phrase that is only a slogan to get elected.

A recent Pew poll found that the majority of Americans believe immigration and immigration enforcement should be left up to the states, with a majority of Democrats and independents supporting it.

But it also found that a majority would be opposed to any efforts to curb immigration, with only 15 percent of Republicans and only 10 percent of independents supporting such measures.

The Republican Party’s stance on immigration is also at odds with the views of many Republicans who are concerned about the growing influence of Muslims in the country.

The party’s

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