How will the oil spill affect Arkansans?

On Monday, the State of Arkansas said it was issuing a spill response plan, and that the response will focus on “the immediate impacts and long-term impacts of the spill.”

But there is also concern about how the spill will affect Arkancas health and the environment.

Arkansas has not yet issued a spill spill response order.

The State of Louisiana has issued a plan to take control of the damage to the Gulf of Mexico, but has not said whether it will issue a spill plan for the spill.

A spokesperson for the Governor said the state would continue to work with local authorities to determine the extent of the impacts, but added that the state is working with the USGS to determine how to minimize the risk to the environment and people.

Arkansans have a right to be able to drink from the well water that is being produced, but it has not been decided whether or not it will be legal to do so.

The USGS said on Monday that it had already assessed the risk of oil leaking from the wells that are producing oil and will take further action in coming days.

It added that it has issued an oil spill response request to the Arkansas Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The State of Texas, which is downstream from Arkansas, has already issued a state spill response declaration and is preparing to issue a response to the US Geological Survey (USGS) that includes an oil leak assessment.

A representative from the USSGS told Al Jazeera that the Texas spill response was already underway, and the agency is working closely with the state.

The USGS issued a response on the condition that no further public comment be permitted until the Texas State Department of Emergency Management is able to issue its own spill response response plan.

The agency also issued a release on Monday saying it was “committed to providing the best information to assist in developing a statewide plan for responding to this spill”.

The US Geological survey has said that oil will not flow from the area of the well that is producing oil into the Gulf, which has been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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