How to get rid of the virus at home: Here’s how to get the ‘solutions’

In India, the virus is spreading in a huge way, with the number of confirmed cases surpassing one million.

The government is already battling the spread, and is trying to get people to cough up Rs 100 crore ($1.8 million) each.

The first batch of Rs 100,000 notes will be rolled out in October, followed by the next round of Rs 500,000 note notes.

India is also taking measures to make sure people can’t use their phones, even in public places.

“We are trying to make it a mandatory activity for everyone, but the challenge is that it’s not possible to keep track of every phone and every device,” said Dr. Pankaj Kumar, the health minister.

The virus is believed to have been caused by an E.coli-like strain, called Cryptosporidium.

It can also be transmitted by contact with an infected person or contaminated water.

India is one of the most affected countries.

The virus has also been found in China, Bangladesh, the Philippines and India’s other main neighbor, Pakistan.

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