Google Play: ‘Play Music’ has been updated to add “play” to its name

Google has updated its Play Music app to add the word “play,” saying that the service’s search function has been “re-designed.”

The Google Play Music site notes that the new search function allows users to find songs, albums, and tracks in their local playlists, as well as search for albums by playlists or artists.

“We’re adding play to our name because it’s a really important part of our platform,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge.

“Play Music was the platform that launched the next wave of music discovery for the web.”

The change comes after Google added the word play to the search function in March 2017.

The search function will continue to be available on the Play Music home page, though users can now access the new functionality through the “search” tab on the home page.

The new search feature allows users in the United States and Canada to search for songs and albums, which can be searched by title or artist name.

Google Play Music users can also search for music from artists they have recently purchased through the app.

“When searching for music in Play Music, users can use the new ‘search’ feature to quickly find music and albums that they have just purchased,” the Google Play Play Music website reads.

“The search feature will also allow users to quickly search for other music, like artists, songs, and albums.”

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