‘Giant’ sea turtle found in Ohio waters

A giant sea turtle was spotted in the Ohio waters in early May, according to researchers.

The researchers were monitoring the population of the black-and-white sea turtle, which is found in the Northeast Atlantic, when they noticed the turtle was “frozen” and had “an irregular texture.”

The turtles are usually active in the spring and summer, and have been known to swim up and down the river, sometimes in the same spot, for miles.

While the turtles are not aggressive toward humans, they do not have the endurance to withstand the harsh conditions found on the ocean.

But they are very territorial, and they have been seen fighting each other.

Researchers have not yet determined how long the turtle lived in the waters near the Ohio River, but the researchers say they are optimistic that it will survive the trip.

They said that while the turtle is not aggressive, it is not a threat to humans.

We think that this turtle may have lived for several years in the area and that it probably died of starvation because the temperatures are very low and the temperatures in the ocean are not high.

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