Australia’s biggest banks are getting in on the housing market with housing finance options

A look at some of the big names in the housing sector that are looking to cash in on a housing market that is looking to end its boom.


Westpac Banking Group Westpac Bank Group: $2.2 billion in debt Westpac’s assets are worth $2 billion more than when it last issued bonds, according to data from Fitch Ratings.

WestPac has $2,300 million in total assets.

WestPAC has been hit by an ongoing market correction, with its shares falling to their lowest levels in six years.

It is also on track to issue its third quarter results next month.

The bank’s stock price fell 5 per cent last month.

WestPenWestpac is also in the midst of a housing correction.

It has been under pressure since late 2015 when it announced it was cutting its dividend by half and raising the dividend by 20 per cent.

It was forced to sell assets and to cut costs in the first quarter of this year, as the economy slowed and the price of housing started to decline.

WestPensPensWestpac has $1.6 billion in total debt.

It’s a bit less than Westpac, which has $3.4 billion in assets.

In its latest annual report, WestPen said its net debt fell to $1,931 million, or $1 per share, from $1 and $1 billion, respectively, in the previous year.

Westpen said the debt was lower than in the prior year because of the weaker dollar.

Westpens said the reduction in debt was due to “a number of factors, including: • a lower value of our mortgage receivables than anticipated, • higher than expected rates of return on our portfolio, • the fact that we continued to expand our lending portfolio, and • the ongoing consolidation of our investment banking operations into two new divisions, Westpac Australia and Westpac Wealth.

WestportWestport has $4.6 million in assets, which is below Westpac but up 15 per cent from last year.

It said it would issue its first quarterly results next year.

The stock has also seen a significant dip in the past week.

WestPort is up 4 per cent this year to $3,000.

The company said it is expected to publish results in May and June next year, but declined to say what the dividend would be.

WestCorpWestCorp is the second-largest bank in the United States with $2 trillion in assets as of end-April.

Westcorp is also the second largest bank in Australia.

The firm has more than 1,400 branches across the country and a total of $2-billion in assets under management.

WestCorps is a subsidiary of Westpac.

WestPowerWestPower has $837 million in net assets, according the latest report.

It reported its first quarter results on Thursday and said the company expects to publish its second quarter results in mid-June.

West Power’s net debt is down by $300 million.

Westpower said it had more than $1-billion of capital under management and is on track for an increase in capital spending.

West PopsWestPower is down 2 per cent in the latest quarterly report.

WestPsWestPops is up 2 per% this year and is the largest Australian company in the industry.

The Australian Securities Exchange listed the bank as “underweight” in its latest index.

WestPeoplesWestPoppers is up 8 per cent and is up 20 per, according Fitch.

Westps has $6.4 million in debt, up from $5.6 in the second quarter.

WestPlacesWestPlaces is up 10 per cent over the past year and has more cash than WestPs.

It says it has $9.3 billion in cash, compared with $9 billion for WestPs in the same period last year, which was the second consecutive quarter it has seen its cash balance rise.

Westpeoples said it expects to release its second-quarter results next week.

It also says it expects a further $8 billion in capital expenditures this year.

We’re looking for an opportunity to provide the company with greater flexibility in our business model and a sustainable future, and to grow its business, WestPops CEO Rob Hogg told Reuters.

West BankWest Bank is down 3 per cent year-on-year in the quarterly report, which also said the bank will issue its second quarterly results on May 31.

The news follows a drop in the Australian dollar since early March, which caused a decline in earnings.

WestBanksWestBanks is down 5 per of last year’s 12 quarters in the financials and said it plans to release quarterly results this year next week, which it expects will be a “substantially positive report”.

WestBansWestBans is down 4 per year-in-

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