Our services

Website Design & e-commerce

Websites that speak of your business. Built around your business with the latest technology in the market. we take in your ideas and transform them into web code

ERP One & Development

We build custom custom and templated ERP systems with a focus on expandability and flexibility. Whatever you do we have your back in consulting and working

Mobile App Dev

Commercial Grade Applications targeted at mobile users. Whether it be a port of a popular system, a new mobile App for your business or personal needs, we build it


Get the on line visibility you need when you have a website or e-commerce system. attract higher Google rankings and rankings on all major global search engines


Get your business marketing done in time and effectively in order to find the right customers for your products. with our professional team put up a new brand image for your business


Consult with our specialists about business or technological facets of your enterprise or small business. Know what technology it will take to run your organization or an individual project


Anything from corporate documents, Branding, UI/UX Design , Print Design, Video Production, logos and signage is provided to you giving a proper feel to your merchandise and products


System documentation is crucial for any project. With us you will be able to create the right type of documentation fine tuned with every important aspect of your company culture and project


Print any document or matter onto any form of material. Quick easy and efficient for mass document printing to fine labeled design printing delivery is assured


Outsource common services to our company, focus on the important aspects of your business while we take care of the tedious work from inserting data into databases to repetitive work

Software Testing

We test your software using the most reliable security tools used both for network security and 'cracking' such as SQLMAP or Reverse Engineering un-obfuscation and other techniques

Hire a Workforce

Hire people from our dedicated workforce team to help fill in temporary workforce gaps or employee shortages with skilled individuals selected by the PositivT recruitment team

X-Ware Hardware Services

Keeping a tab on your hardware systems is usually looked over. Our team will help you maintain your current hardware set, buy new hardware when needed and resell any old hardware not in use

Software Development

Develop custom made multipurpose software to fit your organizational or personal needs for the everyday routine or any use imaginable, from desktop to mobile software systems

Onsite Training

Train new or old staff on current company practices software and technological trends in the market currently getting hyour workforce upto speed with your organization

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PositivT is website and business solutions freelancer team. Founded in 2012 it focuses on giving back to the world what was most lacking. Beautiful, functional practical systems for everyday use by employees, CEO's and the home user
  • 2014

    In 2014 we've grown fast

    With two major business solution products and, multiple web-commerce solution products PositiviT is at the helm of growing faster, helping more businesses by the day since 2012

  • 2012

    We were born in 2012

Our skills

Web Development

ERP Development

Hardware Services

Software Development

Our Team

"Hard work gets you anywhere" the belief that our team holds on to. We believe that creating and molding a way of organizational life with technology is the future of business. Where technology and businesses are not separate entities. Our team focuses on hard work and dedication to clients to best mold solutions into businesses

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